Dec 4 / Amanda Slinger

You Did What!

Straight up… it could have been worse, a lot worse!

The other morning, after a 2nd successive shocker of a night sleep I caught myself emptying a sachet of cat food into the washing machine dispenser!

Yep! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Warning signs

But I should have seen the warning signs when my signature warm welcome to the day of…

“Morning, how did you sleep last night?”

was replaced with an acidic …

“Why isn’t the dishwasher unpacked?”

But hey, I could have put the cat in the washing machine…now there’s an idea!

A lot worse!

Seriously though, it could get a lot worse.

So, as I cleaned out the dispenser, I thought through what I had in front of me that day…

• Were there any high-wire acts to perform at work? Hmm… thankfully not today.
• Did someone else’s life depend on my actions? Um…yes! My son – driving him to school.
• Did my own life depend on my actions? Arrgh… yes! If I didn’t tone down Miss Angypants.
• Were there any tricky conversations to have? Yep… a radio interview.

So, I checked my mood as I stepped out of the shower, drove super slow on the school run, and rescheduled the radio interview - my ums and arghs would have been off the Richter!

It can happen to the best of us

A shocker of a sleep can happen to anyone, even a rest and sleep expert!

For me, an unwell dog kept me up one night and our two cats broke out of the laundry and ran riot around the house at 3am the next - falling back to sleep at that time of the morning can be challenging!

So, when a smooth ride through slumberland comes to a screeching halt… cast your mind across your upcoming day and look to what NEEDS to be rescheduled, for the sake of your safety and the safety of others and your cats!

Don't ignore the warning signs!