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The Recharge Program

 Develop lifelong skills to truly recharge & live your best life with our comprehensive program and receive a 15% discount today.

Our course is designed for adults who want to learn the latest rest & sleep optimisation strategies and tactics.
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What's inside


eLearning by award-winning designers

You'll enjoy exploring the bite-sized, expertly crafted eLearning modules that are highly engaging, interactive & effective. You've yet to experience learning quite like this!

Build knowledge, bust myths, decode your personal sleep needs & experiment with optimisation strategies.
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Sleep Playbook, tools & strategies

To create real, tangible change, you'll get hands on with your rest & sleep and translate learning to real-life experiences. 

You'll be invited to download an interactive Sleep Playbook where you can map out your thoughts, ideas & strategies from the eLearning modules.
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Live Q&As

We're the sleep expert in your back pocket providing consistent motivation, accountability & support. 

You can join live Q&A sessions where we'll answer those burning questions, offer support when it's needed & motivate with the latest trends & insights to recharge.

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Your best life awaits!

A practical & fun learning experience that will help you develop lifelong skills to truly recharge

In this course you'll discover:

Sleep disorders

Take a look under the hood & get a better idea if you may have an undiagnosed sleep disorder, where to go for the right medical advice, & the good news on emerging treatments.

Elixir of life

Find out what's in it for YOU! Because when you're clear on the result that quality sleep can give you, you're more likely to prioritise your sleep, stay the journey &achieve the result you want.

In the driving seat

Learn about the forces that drive sleep so you can steer your day towards a great night sleep & know what gears to select when the going gets tough.

Sleep by design

If you feel like there just isn't enough time in the day, the good news is that there are better ways to optimise sleep than simply tacking on more time. Learn how quality sleep is so much more than how many hours you got last night!

What's on your mind?

Discover how the way we relate to and prioritise sleep depends on our beliefs, assumptions and thoughts about sleep, and it can trip us up in some common ways.

Sleep thieves

Learn about sleep thieves and identify yours in the line up. Call them out and put some strategies in place to lock them up once and for all.

Your sleep sanctuary

Get inspired to create your very own sleep sanctuary that lures you away from all the distractions of life and cocoons you in all that you need for a great night sleep. 

The Sleep Play Book

You'll be invited to download an interactive Sleep Playbook where you can map out your thoughts, ideas & strategies from the eLearning modules.

Staying motivated

We're here to provide you with support and guidance on your journey to optimised sleep. Join the live Q&As, hear from sleep experts and have your questions answered. 

Start your recharge journey today and save 15%

Ready to take your rest and sleep skills to the next level? Enrol in our comprehensive course and receive a 15% discount.
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Does this sound like you?

You're not sleeping as well as you'd like

You're increasingly frustrated at trying to fall asleep at the start of the night or find it difficult to fall back to sleep during the night. Worse yet... it's starting to affect how you show up for yourself, your family, your work.

There's just not enough time in the day

You're squeezing the time that you're giving to sleep because there's so much to do in your day. You're trying to fit it all in... work, family, friends, exercise, and some downtime... and the one thing that you can 'seemingly' squeeze is your sleep.

 You feel like a shadow of your former self

You're not bouncing out of bed like you once did. Your energy levels are flagging & you seem less effective in your day. Your motivation is at an all-time-low with diet, exercise and sleep taking a slide. Whilst you're (slowly) coming to terms with the fact that you're getting older, you know the dark circles & lacklustre eyes are a sign you need better sleep.

"Thanks for asking, but another time."

You're starting to notice how grumpy and anti-social you're becoming. Invitations are going unanswered & you're running low on excuses to cover for the truth that you 'just can't be bothered.' Your emotions are more volatile, you're less likely to engage with others at work, and 'flexible working arrangements' is a great cover for the fact that you don't feel like engaging with the world.

Brain fog, mind mist, thought sludge 

Forgetfulness is creeping into your life at an alarming rate. Answers don't come so quickly & are being back-filled with space-filler words.  You're starting worrying about hormones, ageing, last nights bottle of wine, stress, or could it be dementia?  

If any of this sounds familiar,
this course is for you!


“I'd been googling 'better sleep' for ages and got so confused with all the information out there! I didn't know what to believe or how to improve my sleep, so when my company gave us all access to The Recharge Program it was a game-changer."
John Amesi
Production Analyst

So much more

“We'd been looking to put together some in-house training on sleep for months, but had no idea where to start. When we discovered SleepSpot's program it offered so much more than we could have ever done ourselves, so we were all in."
Kendal James
Manager People & Culture

Different & fun

“SleepSpot's courses are different and fun! I've never experienced online training like this before. I learned HEAPS about sleep but didn't feel overwhelmed at all. The Playbook was a really useful extra tool and the Q&A sessions were also really helpful.”
Drew Harvey
Loader Operator

Learn how to optimise your rest & sleep, build a personal Sleep Playbook & join the live Q&A sessions to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Natural strategies

Science-led content 


Our goal is to inspire you to fall in love with sleep, to go to sleep when you know you should, to become efficient at sleep, to understand what to do when sleep is elusive and how to re-tune your day after a night of poor sleep.

Amanda Slinger

Founding Director, SLeepSpot

Put sleep higher on your agenda today

Put sleep higher on your agenda today

Put sleep higher on your agenda today