Jan 12 / Amanda Slinger

The easy way to get back on track after a festive season blowout

As the festive season draws to a close, many of us are looking to make up for the unrestrained indulgences in food, drink, lazy days, and late nights.

First in line on your New Year ‘to-do’ list this year should be to reset your bodyclock.


Because it influences the effectiveness and efficiency of every system in your body - from your digestion, metabolism, immunity and of course…sleep!

That’s why jetlag makes us feel so yuk (and vulnerable to getting sick).

Out of whack

All those late nights, big meals and high carb foods before bed, alcohol, and wildly swinging wake-up times over the festive season can throw our bodyclock out of whack, and along with it our mood, energy, concentration, and motivation.   

Resetting your bodyclock by waking up at the same time each day +/- 30 minutes and getting at least 10 minutes of natural light exposure soon after waking.

Stick to it and you’ll be sleeping great, you’ll have the energy to launch into your exercise program and the motivation to get back on track with your food and alcohol.