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Sleep Challenge

Get ready to kick-off Sunday 2nd June at 5pm AWST

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: Before the Challenge officially kicks-off, please explore 'Before We Start' (in Week 1 below)

Webinars & Q&As

Webinars are held each Sunday 5:00 - 5:30pm AWST.

In these sessions I'll run through the essentials you need to know for the upcoming weeks activities.

Q&As are held each Thursday 12noon - 12:30pm AWST.
This is your opportunity to ask your burning questions. 

Chat Space

Explore our very own community space where you can connect with each other and share your hurdles and wins. The more you engage in the community, the greater your success will be in achieving your goals for the challenge!

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Frequently asked questions

What if I have questions outside of the weekly sessions?

Well, I'd be surprised if you didn't!

Clarity comes from raising your hand and asking those burning questions. So, I've created numerous avenues for your questions to be answered...

  • URGENT & PRIVATE: send me an email amanda@sleepspot.com.au
  • URGENT & NOT PRIVATE: Ask your question in the Community Chat Space.
  • NOT URGENT & PRIVATE: Send an anonymous question to Q&A@sleepspot.com.au which will be answered in the next live Q&A session.
  • NOT URGENT & NOT PRIVATE: Ask your question in the Live Q&A chat.

How can I download the PDFs?

A quick video to show you how to download PDFs from the Learning Portal:
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What commitment do I need to make?

I'm certain that you're the kind of person willing to put in the time to get what you want, and that's why you're here.

There are many ways to experience better sleep, and of course we’re all different and have different challenges with our sleep. But in general, it’s fair to say that to achieve regular quality sleep requires you to evolve and grow, and to do so you must be willing to learn new things, to stretch yourself, to put yourself out there—in short, to challenge yourself.

My most successful clients are those who recognise that there’s always more to learn about themselves, and they're inspired by that prospect rather than frustrated by it.

Will I need to give up something to make more time for sleep?

This is the #1 fear women have when thinking about improving their sleep, because to create more time for sleep means giving up a few things.

However, my signature approach is to start exactly where you are right now and work on optimising the time you already give to sleep each night. That means becoming an efficient sleeper. Lets get that right and see where you're at!

Am I the right person to be supporting you with your sleep?

For the past 20 years I've been deeply interested in optimising sleep, for myself and for others.

I originally trained as a Registered Nurse and worked as Sister-In-Charge of a District Hospital in a mining town where I experienced first-hand the devastating impact of poor sleep and fatigue on the lives of people, their families and communities.

Since then sleep health education ha been a central theme in my work. I went on to train as a Sleep Practitioner, and became certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Insomnia) and Teen Sleep. I'm also a founding member of the International Women's Sleep Summit, a group of female Sleep Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists who are dedicated to elevating women's sleep at a global level. 

Since founding SleepSpot Pty Ltd I’ve delivered sleep health education presentations to students at universities and schools, to leaders and employees, to medical Dr's, and at retreats and community groups here in Australia and internationally. I regularly appear as a Sleep Expert on Australian national TV and radio.

I'm also Founding Director of two other companies which I continue to run alongside SleepSpot and raising my family. So I do understand the complexities and challenges women face to recharge in a busy life. 

My Sleep Profile:
  • My Top 3Ys: Cognitive performance, weight maintenance, mental health.
  • Sleep Need: 7.5 hours.
  • Sleep Archetype: Procrastinator.
  • Sleep Thieves: menopause, snoring bedpartner, pets, alcohol.